- I don't do weddings or family portraits, but I'm often asked to recommend someone.   Here are a few people I know who do wonderful work that might help you.

*For weddings, I recommend Steph Carson http://www.stephanddavephotography.com/

*For children and family photography, Erin Becker is on the West side of Cincinnati http://erinbeckerphotography.com/

Follow Erin's blog at http://www.erinbeckerphotography.blogspot.com/

I also recommend that anyone who is in the creative industry, belong to a trade organization that applies to what they do.  http://asmp.org is my favorite... for what I do.  

 - If you are in need of a photographer in another city, please rely on http://asmp.org 's http://findaphotographer.org   
It's a search of some of the best photographers in America.   The site offers radius searches around cities, States etc.  

I am a regular contributor to a well respected blog, Strictly Business  http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/#.U4kUZF42xxU  
One of my most recent and favorite posts on the reward of failure http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/2014/05/i-fail-a-lot/#.U4kUr142xxU

An outline of other blog articles are here - http://www.asmp.org/strictlybusiness/contributors/#Joyce

 - For photographers looking to find a good assistant, again, rely on an asmp.org site - http://findanassistant.org   A radius search for assistants, all across the country.

 - Photographic prints and framing http://robinimaging.com/

 - The Golden Lamb, hotel and restaurant http://www.goldenlamb.com/  The Golden Lamb restaurant is famous, regionally.  And the Golden Lamb Hotel also features the Black Horse Tavern.

 - Doc's Place Restaurant in Lebanon OH http://www.docsplacelebanonohio.com/

ASMP offers great resource, where most of these links reside… http://asmp.org/
Go to Business Resources on the left hand bar of the first page.  The fly out menu offers many of the links shown.
ASMP Licensing Guide http://asmp.org/licensing
ASMP How to write a license http://asmp.org/tutorials/how-write-license.html
ASMP steps to determine price http://asmp.org/tutorials/steps-determine-licensing-fees.html
ASMP Releases FAQ http://asmp.org/tutorials/frequently-asked-questions-about-releases.html
Releases http://asmp.org/tutorials/property-and-model-releases.html
ASMP Paperwork Share http://asmp.org/tutorials/asmp-paperwork-share.html
ASMP Business Forms http://asmp.org/tutorials/business-forms-and-contracts.html
Business and legal FAQ http://asmp.org/articles/business-and-legal-faq.html
ASMP Terms and Conditions http://asmp.org/tutorials/terms-and-conditions.html
ASMP Pricing Guides http://asmp.org/links/32
Other sources include:
NPPA Cost of Doing Business Calculator. http://www.nppa.org/professional_development/business_practices/cdb/cdbcalc.cfm
PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) http://www.useplus.com/useplus/glossary.asp
Cradoc Photoquote http://www.cradocfotosoftware.com/fotoQuote-Pro/index.html