Todd Joyce-

My mother wanted a girl. She thought she'd keep trying for one, yet the risk of having another wild animal like me was daunting, so she opted for some sanity and she quit with me. Growing up the youngest of two boys, I was the risk taking test pilot that took every challenge and dare thrown my way. "Double dog dare?" Come on, is that all you've got???

Risk taking is in my blood. I have the scars to prove it.  As I've matured, I've developed a better sense of "calculated risk" that serves me well.  Call me sometime and we can talk about work or stories of how I got some of my scars.  If you hire me, I may even show you a few, but not all... I have to have some dignity.

In this creative field, we need to take risks. Come challenge me, I "triple dog dare" you!

Todd Joyce
Phn# 513-421-1209