Bring me your problems
That's right.  Bring them to me.  My clients rely on me and my team to take care of their problems, big and small, so they don't have to.   And, if I can't take care if it myself, I'll find someone who can and I'll work with them to get it done.   Casting, scouting, locations, finding or making that perfect prop, a seemingly impossible turn around, building sets or getting people safely up the side of a mountain and (just as important) getting them safely back down are just a few examples.   Come to me with your idea/need and I'll get it done.

Dialogue is important.   When you come to me for an estimate, please consider it a dialogue.  There are ways to do a job differently and if your budget is the problem, there may be a way to accomplish what you need, without changing much.   But, you'll never know if you don't ask.