Bring me your problems
That's right.  Bring them to me.  My clients rely on me and my team to take care of their problems, big and small, so they don't have to.   And, if I can't take care if it myself, I'll find someone who can and I'll work with them to get it done.   Casting, scouting, locations, finding or making that perfect prop, a seemingly impossible turn around, building sets or getting people safely up the side of a mountain and (just as important) getting them safely back down are just a few examples.   Come to me with your idea/need and I'll get it done.

Dialogue is important.   When you come to me for an estimate, please consider it a dialogue.  There are ways to do a job differently and if budget is a problem, there may be a way to accomplish what you need, within the budget without changing much.   But, you'll never know if you don't talk with me and try to work through it together.

Communication is key in our business.  What you want to communicate to your audience is as important as what you want me to record (video or photograph).  I want to know what you want the viewer to think after they've seen an image or video. 

We travel anywhere and can arrange production all over the country.  I also offer video!  I've partnered with two other photographers to produce video and motion work.  We've developed entire campaigns (print and motion) that are wonderfully cohesive to include TV, web and print.  The imagery has the same feel and look, so your brand is consistent throughout the entire campaign.  The collaboration is called Optic Lizard.  Partnering with two other photographers gives us a lot more to offer.  Video, drone photography and motion, directing and editing too.  The three of us have over 80 years of experience combined in producing advertising campaigns.   Our clients appreciate how we are able to produce motion and stills at the same time, for that consistent campaign you've always wanted.